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Hey everyone!

Since we started Unicrypt in June of last year (2020), our vision has always remained the same: making DeFi a better space, and building a community of people that aspire to share this vision.

What started off as a single product (namely liquidity lockers) has now scaled to include an ecosystem of products & features : farming services, decentralised launchpad, token minting service, as well as staking services on their way. This is just the tip of the iceberg, more to come!

We did not raise a single penny from anyone and bootstrapped the project, and we are proud to say that we have been profitable as an enterprise since nearly day 1.

Unicrypt is a multi-service provider to make your defi experience better. However, our scale of operation currently is far under what we believe our true potential is. Unicrypt is scaling to include a B2B approach on the next phase by incorporating in Estonia and by being now a licensed entity. We have maintained our efforts on sustainable growth and heads-down permanent development.

While we have remained anonymous thus far, we understand that for us to scale up and move to the next step, us being public facing is a natural move. Let’s meet you guys during the DeFi Summit!

Unicrypt has always been about the community. When we sat down to discuss a marketing plan to propel Unicrypt to a wider audience, a lot of ideas came up: Crypto YouTubers, Twitter influencers, and Telegram groups, but we decided to do something a little different and instead let our biggest strengths do our marketing for us: the community.

We know we have many long term supporters who have stuck with us since the early days and built a strong presence around our project. We realised that we could give our marketing budget to an experienced marketing agency… or we could use this opportunity as a community-driven project to educate the crypto population about the Unicrypt ecosystem : our use cases, our current and upcoming products, the DeFi challenges we address, and much more !


We will be giving away $100,000 USDC over the next two months during the length of this campaign, which will be divided into two phases. The first month (June 2021) will see us giving away $50,000 and the details are hereunder.

ALL TASKS MUST INCLUDE THE HASHTAG #UnicryptExplained or will not be considered.


Time for you to grab a mic (and a camera, even better) and explain to your audience what makes us different! Community, Services, Challenges, perspective of evolution of the project and feedback on the platform is welcomed. This piece(s) of content need(s) to be shared on Twitter with the hashtag #UnicryptExplained.


Write a blog post or a Medium article about Unicrypt coming along with a detailed analysis of the project This piece(s) of content need(s) to be shared on Twitter with the hashtag #UnicryptExplained. We may retweet some content with our official @UNCX_Token Twitter account - Good infos deserve to be shared!


To be eligible for rewards, kindly make sure to fill all the required information on this page when submitting your content (articles, videos, Twitter threads etc). Unicrypt’s team will then evaluate the content and pick winners depending on content quality and the amount of time spent creating different types of educational content.

It goes without saying that ‘dumb shilling’ Unicrypt won’t be eligible for rewards. All the terms and conditions are available in the campaign box on the bottom. Please do give it a read. .

MUST READ 2 : Hunting developers - BONUSES

We’re actively looking for passionate (public, fully doxxed) developers to join our team. If you ever heard of someone that may fit with our criterias below (list is not exhaustive!) :

  • Solana Developer
  • Cardano (Plutus) Developer
  • Elrond Developer
  • Solidity Developer
  • React, VueJS front-end skills and NodeJS back-end skills

Put us in touch with them! You can reach out to @Chvant on Telegram and discuss directly from there, or you can apply by sending an email at [email protected]

If we end up hiring (full-time position) the person(s) you put us in touch with, you will qualify for a 2,000 USDC reward bounty.

Unicrypt's $100,000 Giveaway!!